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Dr. N. Bhanu Prakasham Reddy
Dr. S. Krishnaiah
Dr. M. Ramakrishna Reddy


Study of seepage flow through soil strata of convergent confined aquifer is of complex nature. An attempt has been made to analyse the resistance of fluid flow through convergent duct with dimensions along transverse direction varying from 1000 mm at top and 200 mm at bottom and the height of the duct along longitudinal direction is 1050 mm and width of duct between two parallel confining surfaces is 200 mm filled with porous media of size 14.50 mm crushed rocks for better understanding purpose for certain extent. The total energy loss per unit weight of flowing fluid through boundary of the convergent duct and along the centre of the convergent duct for different bed slopes varying from 600 to 900 are analysed. The variation of Darcy parameter, ac, and non-Darcy parameter, bc, which are influenced by the properties of the fluid and porous media, are determined from a plot of i/V versus V along the longitudinal direction of converging duct and along the transfers direction of converging duct are studied to explore the indescribable complex nature of resistance flow through porous media. It is also investigated how the volume flux of fluid is affected when it flows through convergent duct when the media is being packed with porous media with varying bed slopes from 600 to 900.

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N., B. P. R., S., K., & M., R. R. (2019). LOSS OF HEAD DUE TO NON-UNIFORM FLOW THROUGH POROUS MEDIA. International Journal of Engineering and Innovations, 1(1), 1-26. Retrieved from http://ijei.in/index.php/ijei/article/view/2
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