Loss of Head Due to Non-Uniform Flow Through Porous Media

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Dr. N. Bhanu Prakasham Reddy
Dr. S. Krishnaiah
Dr. M. Ramakrishna Reddy


Frozen sherbets are products similar to ice cream, but differ from it by having a higher fruit acid content, a much lower overrun, a higher sugar content between 25 and 35% which gives a lower melting point, a coarser texture, a greater cooling characteristic while being consumed and an apparent lack of richness due to lower milk solids content. Keeping in view the demand for these products in summer, a technology was developed for the manufacture of orange-flavored frozen sherbet. The effect of various ingredients like squash level, milk, sugar, stabilizer, emulsifier, and the citric acid level was studied and their levels optimized. The optimized parameters for orange frozen sherbet were (for a four-liter batch): orange squash 500g, milk 1.5 lit, sugar 650g, sodium alginate 8.5g, GMS 5g, and citric acid 7.5g. The method of preparation included selection of ingredients, mixing of milk, squash, stabilizer, citric acid and emulsifiers in a vessel, heating the mix to 80°C, cooling to about 5°C, aging the mix at 5°C for 24hrs, freezing the aged mix in a batch freezer to a freezing point of about -5°C, packing in 100 ml capacity polystyrene cups and hardening at – 15°C.

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N., B. P. R., S., K., & M., R. R. (2019). Loss of Head Due to Non-Uniform Flow Through Porous Media. International Journal of Engineering and Innovations, 1(1), 1-26. Retrieved from http://ijei.in/index.php/ijei/article/view/2
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