Comparative Analysis of Decimal Addition Using Different Techniques

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Haridhar B.
Yugesh D.


Arithmetic operations of any of the digital devices like Calculator, computers, microcontrollers and other specialized digital systems are on the Base 10 number system only. By Representing these kinds of numbers in BCD the decimal precision applications has DSP, DIP are required in computer arithmetic. An adder for that kind of application must have arithmetic modules that are worked based on coded decimal numbers and data as stored in the similar number format. In this paper, we proposed a decimal adder which is on FPGA based Mixed BCD/excess-6 technique that gives the better performance of decimal adders intended high-end FPGAs. We design adder with help of CLA(CLA), but in this paper, we implement a method decimal adder using carry increment adder (CIA) and to analyzing area and delay are compared with the existing decimal adder. The results of the new decimal adder efficiently improved features like area and delay. There are different types of possible decimal adder circuits, depending upon the code used to perform the decimal digits.

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